I never know what to say in the “About” section of a blog…  I often click “About” on other peoples’ blogs, but now I know you’ve done it to me, I feel shy…  What did you want to know?

Am I meant to list my denomination or my first words, or a list of academic credentials?  Did you want my name?  Would you like me if I told you who I was?  Would we be friends?  Would it help you put me in a box?

Disruptive peace.  That’s what I believe all that Sunday hand-shaking with strangers  is about. Jesus brought it when he fixed the Centurion’s ear.  The Holy Spirit brought it at Pentecost.  Peace was never meant to be dull.  At present, peace is often defined as the absence of violence, making violence seem like a default option.  But I think the peace of Christ is more definitive than that, and this is the place I hope to put that into words.


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