The last thing the world needs…

28 Oct

…is more half-baked theological ramblings from cyberspace.

What we actually all need is a church that is awake to the seductive whisperings of the Holy Spirit.  We need a body capable of witnessing the upside down, topsy turvy world of Jesus Christ in which we love our enemies and pray for those that trespass against us.  But that’s just irresponsible, right?  And utopian.  And quite beyond the reach of most of us.

To inhabit that church, we probably need to be offline one hell of a lot more than we’re online so that we can do things with bodies.  Bathe them, clean them, bless them, carry them and feed them, just like Jesus.  But that’s messy, and it’s much safer to lurk behind our screens.

Until I find myself so captivated by the church that I cannot go home, until I find myself living in the temple like Anna, I’m afraid it’s more half-baked theological ramblings from me, Shalom Activist.

To be fair, I just couldn’t resist another blog.  Things at my Real Life church are a little, well, parochial, so I’ve been doing a little activism in my spare time.  Tinkering with nuclear submarines, asking what loving one’s enemies looks like, and as usual, trying to work out what it means to be enfleshed as a queerly Christian human being.

All Christians are queer when viewed by the world, but it’s taking some time for the church to come out of her closet.  The main issue has been the realisation that some of us are naked.  The Emperor too, it turns out, wasn’t wearing any clothes either.  And it’s winter now.

Constantine is not only naked, and revealed in full glory, but most definitely dead.  Christianity isn’t the State religion anymore in anything but name.  And we’re all having to be born again in the ruins.  But being born again when you’re naked and everybody is waiting for the closet door to open isn’t easy.  To cope with our identity disorders, we’re trying to figure out how to evict the people who are making our lives uncomfortable.  Squabbling, back-biting and in-fighting have become so commonplace that nobody pays to watch us anymore.  We just about keep some of the Religious Correspondents in part-time jobs, but they’re probably paid less than the people that write the the weekend Gardening supplements…

Anyhow, just recently, a couple of fellow closet-dwellers pointed out that one of the first to have been brutally pushed from the closet into an unmerciful world was Jesus.


Now we’re watching to see what happens next…


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